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M. J.’s Top 3 Picks of 2020

My video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbxE1-u-pDo Here are the links if you’d like to watch the full review for each series. Configured by Jenetta Penner https://youtu.be/mNnqgtU_eGk Irrelevant by Sarah Addison-Fox https://youtu.be/QmSN2Csn64M Above the Sky by J.W. Lynne https://youtu.be/YQV5RJePAec

Book Review: Defective, The Institute Series Book 3, by Kayla Howarth

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Book Review: Resistance, The Institute, Book 2 by Kayla Howarth

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Book Review: End of Days, Penryn & the End of Days Book 3, by Susan Ee

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Book Review: Angelfall, Penryn & the End of Days Book 1 by Susan Ee

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Book Review: Wither, The Chemical Garden Trilogy Book 1 by Lauren DeStefano

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Book Review: Generation, The Imitation Series, Book 3 by Heather Hildenbrand

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Book Review: Deviation, The Imitation Series, Book 2

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Book Review: Immersive, The Elite Trials Book 3 by Becky Moynihan

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Book Review: Irradiate, Book 3 in The Relevance Series by Sarah Addison-Fox

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